You need to be selling in Asia…



Let’s face it, even the best salesmen, the best marketing, event and PR company fail if the buyers are simply not there.

And the sad truth is that the property markets in Europe and in the US are as good as dead at the moment.

They are reeling from the worst recession in decades…..unemployment is rising…..debt is spiralling out of control. Governments have had to make huge cuts and print money just to make ends meet.

Good news. There is still cash (a lot of it). But it’s probably not where you’re looking.

Let me share with you 3 simple, fully documented facts.

Fact # 1: There is more money around than ever – but different people have it

A recent investment report by Knight Frank gives you a clue.

  • Asian investors are now buying more than a fifth of all central London new-build properties, and account for 49 % of all investment purchases in central London.
  • Over the last 12 months Asian investment has totalled £761 million.
  • 49 % of all investors in the 12 months to March 2010 were Asian, 11 % from China and Hong Kong, 10 % from Singapore and 7 % from Malaysia.
  • The report comments “The power shift from the West to the East is having a massive effect……the purchasing power of an Asian buyer is far greater than U.K. buyers – the U.K. resident is suddenly 30 % poorer against an Asian resident.”
  • Yes, you read that right. “The U.K. resident is suddenly 30 % poorer against an Asian resident”
  • And that goes for the rest of Europe and America too. Asia is dominating the world economy – and you cannot ignore Asian Investors.

In Singapore alone – a tiny island with 5 million people where we have our headquarters:

There are over 400,000 millionaires: more millionaires per head than anywhere else in the world.

Almost one in ten of Singaporeans are millionaires.

But Singapore is not the only place you’ll find mountains of cash.

Hong Kong has 19 Billionaires. One in every 14 adults is a millionaire. So as you walk down those jostling streets or sip coffee in a busy Starbucks … you are within arm’s reach of quite a few millionaires….

Then there’s India….with the fastest growing number of millionaires in the world…

In fact there’s a whopping 1,239,439 millionaires in China, Hong Kong, India and Singapore.

Just imagine being able to tap into that much money ….

And what do you think these wealthy Asians like almost as much as making money?

They are the most status conscious people on earth. They love spending money – on fancy cars, shopping, dining out and – most importantly for you – on Overseas Real Estate.

Fact # 2: Your competitors are already in Asia. They’re already profiting.

You don’t believe me? Just check out the Asian papers. You’ll see scores of advertisements – for homes in London and New York….real estate in Spain and Portugal…..properties and land in South America……Villas in Florida ….even, believe it or not, apartments in Mongolia.

Yes: everyone’s getting in on the act.

Fact # 3: It costs a lot of money to be taken seriously by serious Asian investors

To have any credibility in a part of the world where people are, as I said, very conscious of status, don’t you really need a presence – an office?

Absolutely. But Hong Kong and Singapore rents are among the highest in the world. Then you need staff. They’re not free.

Anyhow, how do you tell buyers you’re out here? How about advertising and PR … all in a faraway place that’s completely strange to you – with strange customs, and unfamiliar media …

You can recruit real estate agents in Asia. But if they’ve never even been to the country you’re selling property in, let alone seen your development, what hope do you seriously have of getting good leads, never mind sales? And as you and I know well, people who aren’t selling soon lose interest.

So how can you unlock some of this Asian cash – read more…