Mukesh Ambani - Antilla

Antilla - the $1 billion dollar home

Mukesh Ambani, the richest man in India and the third richest man in the world, is celebrating the completion of his new home in Mumbai.

The party will be like no other if his 1 billion USD, twenty-seven storey, one hundred and seventy three metres high home is anything to go by.

The lucky ones to have received a house warming invitation are even able to choose their own means of transport.

To avoid Mumbai’s busy roads Mr Ambani has conveniently provided three helipads.  If guests prefer to travel by car it won’t be a problem finding a parking space in his one hundred and sixty-space car park on the building’s lower levels.

Once inside there are nine lifts to take guests to the upper floors where the party is.

The building, named Antilla after a mythical Island, will be the home to Mr Ambani, his wife and his three children.  With 37,000 square metres of space, there will be plenty of room…even more, in fact, than the palace of Versailles in France!

The house features a health club, gym, dance studio, a swimming pool, ballroom, guestrooms, several themed lounges and a fifty-seat cinema room.

There are a total of six hundred staff on hand to ensure that Mr Ambani and his family are well looked after and the house is well maintained.

The cost of building the house is estimated at 71 million USD but, due to Mumbai’s sky-high land  prices, it is valued at over fifteen times that amount – 1 billion USD.

A local businessman who recently visited Mr Ambani’s home commented; “Antilia is marvellous, I remember seeing a Picasso painting in there, it was one of its kind – stunning.”

According to Forbes magazine Mr Ambani, who owns most of Reliance Industries, is worth 29 billion USD.  He ran the oil, retail and biotechnology conglomerate with his brother Anil until their fall out several years ago.

Ambani has always been considered as the quieter of the two super rich brothers so it has come as quite a surprise to the Indian people that he has made such a public statement of his immense wealth.

“Perhaps he has been stung by his portrayal in the media as an introvert. Maybe he is making the point that he is a tycoon in his own right,” said Hamish McDonald, the author of ‘Ambani and Sons, a history of the business – India’s biggest privately owned company’.

However, friends have leapt to Ambani’s defence in a city where millions live in slums: “He can’t just walk into a cinema and watch a film like you or me,” one associate told the Guardian. “So he has built a house to his requirements like anyone else would. It is a question of convenience and requirements. It is only a family home, just a big one. It’s just another home that someone is living in. It’s no big event.”

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