Your Silver Bullet

Your Silver Bullet

Our Standard Full Package which gives you premium exposure and includes exhibition space at a high profile event in a location of your choice.

Package includes:

1. Press Releases written exclusively for you – we write them and send them to our media contacts. And no, I am not talking about junior journalists in obscure publications. I am talking about influential people in influential publications.

2. Direct Mail and Email Blasts featuring your properties – on our address book we have the names, addresses (both postal and email) and telephone numbers of 20,875 ACTIVE millionaire property investors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, India – all over Asia. And no, this is not a list somebody compiled. These are real people we really know because they’ve either bought property through us or expressed interest in buying property. They know us and they read what we send them.

3. Phone calls – Rich people are busy people, as you know very well, which is why we follow them up on the phone, just to make sure they have received our direct mail and email.

4. Feature newsletter articles written exclusively for you – Sent to our subscriber list of 20,875 ACTIVE millionaire property investors from Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, India – all over Asia.

5. Exhibitions – We attend selected exhibitions. And no, this does not simply mean renting a stand and putting it together nicely. It is no use turning up at an exhibition hoping your stand has some mysterious magic that draws people to it. Every one of your competitors, fighting for the same money as you, has their displays, their gimmicks, their ploys to get attention. So you need to make sure prospects come to you first. Real, live prospects who aren’t tempted by alternatives. Prospects looking for your stand – because they’re pre-sold -warmed up.

That’s why we run effective promotion so prospects come to us – rather than vainly hoping they’ll arrive by magic. We manage funds scrupulously so not to squander precious cash on adverts that look good but do nothing. We remorselessly follow-up leads to maximise possible revenue.

Full graphic design and production of the stand is included.

6. Promotions & Sales incentives – Because, believe it or not, they work. Even with millionaires.

7. Your development showcased in our ‘Featured Property’ section – Your properties will be featured on the top of the Ocean Villas Group website home page to get you maximum exposure.

8. Trained, persuasive sales people who really know what they’re selling – Because, we are not a marketing company. We sell property for a living. This means we know what buyers want and what it takes to sell.

9. Face-to-face meetings with your prospects – We actually meet the best prospects in person, because most people are not going to invest hundreds of thousands, let alone millions over the phone.

10. Personalised follow-ups – When somebody has expressed an interest, we do not send them a generic brochure. One of our trained sales people follows up personally, however it suits your buyer. If there is a sale to be closed, we do everything it takes to close it.

With the silver package you get all these weapons working for you to generate leads and turn them into buyers for your property.

Price: US$ 8,997.00enquire…