Say It Clear, Shout It Loud

Say It Clear, Shout It Loud

Our Basic Package gets you maximum exposure for minimal cost.

Package includes:

  • Press releases written exclusively for your development sent to major publications throughout  Asia
  • Feature newsletter article written and sent to our database of 20,875 clients and submitted to  major publications throughout Asia
  • Your development showcased in our ‘Featured Property’ section on the top of the Ocean Villas  Group website home page for maximum exposure
  • Face to face meetings with buyers to discuss your properties when we’re in their area
  • Relentless follow-up – you know we never stop

This package will get you in front of Asian and expat buyers in Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and India to name just a few.

What’s more, it’s all for a fraction of what it would cost to run adverts in the same glossy magazines.

In fact, it would normally cost you at least 1,500 USD to run a one off advert in most of these publications and over 3,000 USD to run a feature.

With this package, your properties will feature in several of them.

The best thing is, press releases and articles always get far more response than adverts – because they give information and don’t just try to sell you something.

The Bronze Package puts your properties in front of thousands of Asian and expat buyers all over Asia for a fraction of what it would cost you to advertise.

Price: US$ 2,497.00enquire…