Reach for the Skies

Reach for the Skies

Our proposal to you is simple – and it works…

“You do the developing. We do the selling. You don’t even need to leave your office.”

Yes: you can have a complete armoury of proven sales weapons working for you, right here in Asia, without paying through the nose.

Think of it in these terms. It’s like hiring a top property salesman, who takes care of every aspect of the selling process. He doesn’t ask you for help. He doesn’t need a secretary, not even a desk and a phone. In fact, you don’t notice his presence at all.

Until he comes to you and delivers you a few investors with their chequebooks in hand.

But imagine that you get a great deal more than just a salesman.

You get a trained sales team, who know property back-to-front.

You also get a marketing company.

Plus an event company.

Plus a PR company.

All rolled into one.

For less than you’d pay for each of them.

What we have learned is something you’ve probably already realised.

Sales don’t come from just one thing. You need a carefully planned combination of activities working together, each at precisely the right time in the right way.

All our marketing packages are designed to do one thing – make sales for you.

We offer a variety of packages to suit most budgets:

  • Bronze – gets you maximum exposure for minimum cost – read more…
  • Silver – gives you premium exposure and includes exhibition space at a high profile event in a location of your choice – read more…
  • Gold – our full suite of marketing tools put to work for you and a private event – exclusive to you – with supporting direct mail campaign targeted at High Net Worth Individuals – read more…
  • Platinum – 100 percent guaranteed to sell your whole development in 12 months or less – or you get your money back – read more…