Ocean Villas Group Reap Rewards at SMART Hong Kong

Smart Hong Kong

Real Estate Sales and Marketing Company, Ocean Villas Group, enjoyed success at the SMART Investment and International Property Expo held in Hong Kong on 5th and 6th June 2010.

Speaking at the event, Ocean Villas Group, Sales Director, Rebecca Smith, said, “We are very pleased with the number of sales leads and enquiries which we have generated from SMART, Hong Kong and it is good to see the majority of people looking for investment opportunities.  Investors are keen to buy and we have seen sales for Spain, Australia and Thailand at the event.”

“Asian investors are key to the future of International real estate and the Hong Kong market is particularly strong.  Our marketing strategy focuses on the lucrative Asian markets, delivering results for the developers we represent.” she continued.

The Hong Kong market is not one which can be easily ignored…..Hong Kong has 19 Billionaires and one in every 14 adults is a millionaire…..so if you’re walking down the street or sipping coffee in a busy Starbucks….it’s likely you’ll be sharing your space with quite a few millionaires….and when it comes to property investment, Hong Kong is right at the top of the tree….a Hong Kong tycoon recently forked out over $233 million for a plot of land at The Peak, Hong Kong’s high-end residential area.  He paid over 8,750 USD per square FOOT for the land and plans to build three or four homes for his family….and that story is not uncommon.

Ocean Villas Group offers developers a clear way to tap into this lucrative market with their tried and tested marketing strategy….representing developers from across the globe.

“I never leave an event without a sale”, Rebecca said, “even in these difficult times the right marketing strategy will deliver results.”

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