About us

Watching You, Watching Me

Watching You, Watching Me

This is where we would normally bore you with lots of waffle and corporate drivel about how wonderful we are and how great everything is that we do.

Instead we are going to give you the basic facts of our existence:

  • 21 Years’ experience marketing and selling real estate worldwide
  • A tried, tested and proven system to generate lead and sales
  • Buyer databases of 20,875 active clients
  • Experienced real estate journalists
  • Top level PR and media contacts
  • Professional real estate copywriters
  • Skilled direct marketing team
  • Talented graphic design team
  • Highly trained sales team who know how to make sales
  • Proven track record in sales campaigns that get real results
  • Multiple high readership distribution channels, online and offline
  • Multilingual staff from Europe and Asia
  • Headquarters in Singapore in the heart of Asia


We hope you didn’t find that too dull?