Zong Qinghou - the richest man in China

Zong Qinghou the richest man in China

When Forbes Magazine released its 2010 Billionaire List recently they counted sixty-four Chinese billionaires – up from twenty-eight in 2009.

This man, Zong Quinghou, is China’s richest man – he has an estimated wealth of $7 billion dollars and that makes him the 103rd richest man in the world.

He’s the chairman and founder of Wahaha.    His company make healthy beverages such as herbal teas and energy drinks.

His compatriot Liu Yongxing  Chairman of the East Hope Group is ranked 154th in the world and Suning Appliance founder, Zhang Jindong ranked 176th place with $4.5 billion.

Twenty-five billionaires from Hong Kong also made it onto the list.  The leading Hong-konger was Li Ka-shing ranked 14th in the world with a wealth of $21 billion.

Li Ka-shing is the world’s largest operator of container terminals and the world’s largest health and beauty retailer – I’m not really sure how those two go together – but they clearly do.

This year’s billionaires have a combined total net worth of $3.6 trillion, 50 percent up from $2.4 trillion in 2009. Their average net worth was also up $500 million to $3.5 billion per person.

What’s more, the number of billionaires has soared from 793 last year to 1,011 this year.

“The global economy is recovering, and [this] is reflected in what you see in this year’s list,” said Steve Forbes, chairman, CEO and editor- in-chief of Forbes Magazine.

Among this year’s 97 newcomers, 62 made their debut from Asia, “a region that saw swelling stock markets and several large public offerings during the past year,” Forbes Magazine commented.

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